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Employer retaliation can get confusing for Colorado workers

Feeling as if you have been singled out by your employer can be an awful situation to be in. However, you may feel that you cannot take legal action against what you perceive as employer retaliation. When Colorado employees have a firm grasp of exactly what constitutes employer retaliation, they may feel better prepared to decide if a situation in the workplace warrants legal action or protection.

Nightclub ordered to pay up in race discrimination case

Unfortunately, when someone is hired to do a job, that person sometimes faces discrimination from higher-ups or business owners. When race discrimination happens in a Colorado workplace, the victim of such practices or behaviors can seek damages under certain circumstances. One recent incident of race discrimination is making news as the corporate owners of a nightclub have been ordered to pay up after defaulting with regard to a race discrimination complaint filed in a federal district court.

Wage and hour claim disputes may need legal intervention

Miscommunication and misinformation can have negative effects on the employee and employer relationship in any industry. When those miscommunications, misinformation or unfair practices affect the bottom line or other earned benefits, a wage and hour claim may be in order. The reasons for a wage and hour claim suit can vary, but the harmful effects can be common across many industries and companies in Colorado.

Tips to consider when dealing with workplace harassment

Workplace harassment of any kind can be demoralizing and confusing for a victim regardless of the industry in which one works or the policies put in place by one's company. While someone may feel certain he or she is the victim of workplace harassment, the steps that must be taken to prove it or to help ensure a case is taken seriously may not be so clear. Anyone in Colorado who is prepared to file a workplace harassment claim should consider the following tips to help ensure the most favorable outcome.

Doctor files race discrimination suit against hospital

While a doctor in another state cites the low number of black men who go to medical school and become doctors as a problem, he also cites race discrimination as a problem in the hospital where he works as a black doctor. While Colorado hospitals may be by and large diverse and free from discrimination, this doctor's situation and experiences may also be shared by some other area black doctors. This doctor in particular is suing his hospital for race discrimination.

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