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Online activity, employer snooping lead to new state privacy laws

There are our work lives, and there are our private lives. Some of both might end up on our social media sites, but most people would rather not feel like their boss is peering over their shoulder to look at their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter pages.

Man fired for medical marijuana loses wrongful termination suit

Readers likely know that Colorado voters recently decided to legalize marijuana in the state. People can age 21 or over can now possess and grow small amounts of marijuana, and also purchase some from authorized stores for personal use. Prior to that, voters approved an amendment in 2000 to allow medical use of the drug. These changes have moved marijuana use in Denver and throughout the state into the mainstream, but do these laws protect people from getting fired for using a substance that is no longer illegal?

Ethnicity discrimination complaint filed against Denver campus

It is standard practice for colleges and universities in Colorado to translate important employment-related documents into employees' native language when English is not their first language. One exception to this policy are the schools at the Auraria Campus in Denver, which says it insists its employees to speak English and refuses to provide important information in the language its workers will understand.

Small business workers in CO to get full discrimination damages

A new Colorado state law will allow most victims of workplace discrimination to seek full damages in court from their employers, regardless of the size of the business. Starting in 2015, the new statute will remove the current exemption small businesses currently enjoy against certain damages for discriminating against their employees on the basis of race, gender, age or other factors.

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