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Starbucks under fire for disability discrimination

A former barista has turned to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for help finding justice for discrimination she claims to have suffered at Starbucks. The woman, who is deaf, claims she was the victim of disability discrimination. She was fired after reporting the discrimination, and she believes retaliation was the reason for her termination, as has been the case for many employees in Colorado who have been terminated after demanding fair and legal accommodations.

Severance agreements need legal advising in Colorado

Many job offers and promotions entail the signing of a severance agreement. Both the Colorado employer and the employee have a stake in the details of severance agreements and both should be clear that a severance agreement is a legal document in every way. It is advised that both parties have legal representation when a severance agreement is part of the job.

Disability discrimination suit against food chain Subway

It is against the law to fire an employee based on a disability that is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Despite the existence of that law, which is honored by the majority of employers in Colorado and across the country, there are still incidents of disability discrimination. One case making news involves a worker at the food chain Subway who says he was terminated because he disclosed he was HIV positive.

Wage and hour claim can lead to justice for employees

Getting paid what you are promised is not just good business, it is the law. When an employer is not living up to his or her end of an employment contract by not paying an employee as agreed, that employee may have to consider filing a wage and hour claim to ensure fairness and legal compliance. Colorado employees may also want to be aware that a wage and hour claim can be used to rectify more than just discrepancies and the oversight of the bottom line of a pay check.

Police officer and son sue department for race discrimination

A police officer on the force for over a decade has found himself pursuing a discrimination claim against the very officers with whom he worked after assisting while off-duty during a criminal incident. The man's son is also involved in the race discrimination suit. Colorado police officers who feel race discrimination is present or that it is the reason for specific treatment can file suits and possibly seek damages dependent upon the facts of the situation.

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