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City employee sues for wrongful termination

Disability discrimination may be a real concern for workers as they age and develop a number of ailments or health concerns. Being terminated because of a health issue or disability is illegal. Beyond that, it can be discouraging to anyone in Colorado who may need to seek medical attention and fears his or her job may be at risk if medical care is sought. One city worker is suing as he contends he was the victim of wrongful termination because of a disability he had to endure.

Airline workers ask for investigation into race discrimination

Airline and airport safety and work conditions are under fire by a group of workers who are asking for help from the U.S. Attorney General. With Denver being one of the nation's largest airports, Colorado airport workers may need to know which resources or options exist for their own protection if ever the same complaints unfold in Colorado. The group of 80 are seeking help dealing with race discrimination claims and reportedly unsafe working conditions.

All parties need understanding of severance agreements

A severance agreement can be a vital part of an employment contract or deal. The Colorado employer and employee must both agree and feel comfortable with the details of severance agreements as any disagreement can lead to litigation or general contention that affects the working relationship. Regardless of whether you are the employee looking for optimal benefits or an employer looking to protect your business interest, an attorney should review any severance agreement for the protection of both.

Jail officer accuses employer of wrongful termination

The Whistleblower Act protects workers who report inappropriate or illegal behavior of co-workers or bosses to the proper superiors. Despite those legal protections, there are still incidents where an employee who reports a specific behavior is terminated as retaliation for stepping forward. This is illegal in Colorado and elsewhere and may lead to the employee seeking restitution for the wrongful termination. One example of this form of wrongful termination allegedly took place recently as a county jail officer claims he was fired after reporting inappropriate activity by fellow jail guards.

Officer files age discrimination suit after removal from SWAT

Job repositioning or being moved from one department to another is not a new activity or one that is considered illegal in of itself. However, when that change in position is believed to be the result of age discrimination, a worker or employee in Colorado may have to resort to legal action to get back a coveted or earned position. Recently, a man filed an age discrimination suit against his city as he contends he was told he was too old to remain on the SWAT team.

Wage and hour claim disputes can be complicated in Colorado

When employees are not treated fairly or feel they are not being paid as they should, a wage and hour claim against an employer may be the best form of legal recourse for those employees. Colorado employees may be unaware that a wage and hour claim can include issues that go beyond the bottom line of a paycheck. Once an employee understands the various forms of wage and hour mistreatment or what kind of treatment may be illegal, that employee can move towards taking action to rectify the situation.

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