Legal Issues In The Workplace

Employment issues can be thorny and far-reaching matters for both employers and employees. At The Litigation Boutique LLC, our clients seek out our firm for legal guidance concerning their most complicated and sensitive difficulties. We proactively pursue the most challenging legal work available to maintain our legal knowledge at a level demanded by the most sophisticated clients.

What Is Your Workplace Issue?

We counsel our employment law clients with respect to any number of legal situations and related disputes:

  • Discrimination: including cases involving employees being discriminated on the basis of age, race, country of national origin, sexual orientation or any other protected class.
  • Retaliation: including situations where a manager or supervisor took negative action against an employee who complained about their treatment or is considered a “whistleblower.”
  • Wage and hour claims: including cases where employers misclassified employees to avoid paying overtime or other FLSA benefits.
  • No-compete law: including drafting, revising or legally challenging a no-compete agreement.
  • Employment leave: holding employers accountable under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • Employer counseling: We provide counseling and risk analysis training for employers who wish to remain legally compliant.
  • Severance negotiations and contracts: We work with both employees and employers to ensure a severance agreement is fair and beneficial.
  • Sexual harassment: including cases where employees face a hostile work environment based on unwanted touching, language, posters, email or other communication.

To provide our clients with reliable legal advice, we only recruit attorneys who have achieved the highest standards of excellence. Each of our firm’s attorneys is dedicated to the pursuit of challenging legal work and exacting intellectual standards. In all of its legal matters, the firm cultivates the personal relationship between the attorney and the client as the foundation of a successful case.

Contact An Employment Attorney Today

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