Protecting The Interests Of Age Discrimination Victims

At The Litigation Boutique LLC, we believe that your age should have no bearing on your employment. Sadly, Colorado employers sometimes discriminate because of age, terminating capable employees or denying opportunities simply because of a number. You are more than a number, and we will vigorously fight to protect your right to work.

Our Denver-based law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals who experience any type of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Our team is not afraid to go to court, and we believe that our extensive experience in litigation cases is an advantage to you. If you experienced discriminatory treatment because of your age, you can fight back, and we can help.

Speaking Out Against Unfair Treatment In The Workplace

Age discrimination is an unfortunate reality for many Colorado employees. Laws on both the state and federal level, particularly the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, prohibit discrimination against employees aged 40 and older. This act offers protection to individuals who already have jobs, as well as those seeking new employment. The ADEA prohibits the following:

  • Using age as a reason to terminate or deny employment to an individual
  • Allowing age to be a motivating factor when downsizing companies
  • Reducing the benefits or health care coverage of older workers
  • Setting age qualifications in job advertisements if it is not a genuine occupational or business necessity

Companies looking to save money or develop younger talent cannot do so at the expense of older employees. You have worked hard to build your career and succeed in your chosen field, and age discrimination in any form can be devastating. Our lawyers will stand up for your rightfully earned place in the workforce.

Can You Hold Your Employer Accountable?

We know what it takes to build a successful discrimination claim. With the help of our attorneys, it is possible to hold your employer accountable for age discrimination, helping you seek appropriate damages. You may schedule a completely confidential evaluation of your case by contacting our office either online or by phone at 303.578.2833.