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Woman wins Colorado retaliation suit

A Colorado woman and former mortgage consultant won a lawsuit against her former employer and was awarded over $35,000 as a result. Three of the woman's former colleagues were not so fortunate, as the jury hearing the case found in favor of the employer with respect to those three people.

The lawsuit alleged, and the jury agree, that the woman's mortgage company, American Financial Corporation, fired her after she complained about systemic problems which included the use of misleading or false information on mortgage loan applications. American Financial makes its home in the greater Denver area.

Women can be sexual harassers, too

Especially in the era of #metoo, the image of sexual harassers is typically that of an older male boss taking advantage of a subordinate, abusing his power for sexual rewards. But men are not the only ones who engage in sexual harassment. The University of Colorado at Boulder recently put on leave and banned from campus a female professor who is accused of pressuring students to participate in sexually inappropriate conduct and communications.

Not the only one

What if they say I broke a workplace rule?

Most employers in Denver, Colorado, have at least a small set of workplace rules and expectations that they rightfully expect employees to follow. These rules should be objective and serve the purpose of protecting and promoting the business and its employees.

When an employee breaks a legitimate workplace rule, he or she can and should expect an employer to discipline accordingly and, in serious cases, even fire the employee. As this blog has mentioned, this is true even if the employee had at some point reported discrimination or other unlawful conduct to the authorities, something that employees have every right to do with impunity.

How you can fight back against age discrimination

A strange phenomenon may have suddenly entered your life without you realizing it was there. One day you may have either been at your work or out looking for a new job and realized you were being discriminated against because of your age.

It turns out that age discrimination is alive and well and thriving more than ever before in companies across the country. This may be because 20 percent of all workers in the United States are above the age of 55. This totals around 33 million employees.

Pregnancy discrimination still prevalent

It has been 40 years since the Pregnancy Discrimination Act amendment to Title VII established federal protection against discrimination in the workplace for pregnant women. Yet, nearly 31,000 charges of pregnancy discrimination were filed between 2010 and 2015.

Choosing to bring a child into the world is an occasion for celebration -- not punishment. Subjecting women to adversity in the workplace for a pregnancy is illegal-- not to mention prejudice -- and should never be tolerated.

We represent employees who are treated unfairly

As readers of this blog already know, our Denver law office represents Colorado employees who are victims of discrimination or sexual harassment.

We do in part because, as previous posts on this blog have discussed, people who have been victims of discrimination, sexual harassment and the like will not necessarily have an easy time proving their cases, even if their stories are truthful and compelling.

Federal case is a significant win for employees

A recent decision handed down by the federal Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit will likely make it a lot simpler for employees who are victims of discrimination to take their claims to the steps of the courthouse.

The case, which affects Colorado employees, was discrimination-lawsuits">watershed in that the thinking for over a generation has been that employees wanting to file federal discrimination claims must first take their matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, and secure a letter giving the employee leave to sue. If an employee did not do this, then a federal court could dismiss the case for lack of jurisdiction.

What is a hostile work environment?

There are more than one ways in which a worker in the Denver area can be a victim of sexual harassment.

In some cases, sexual harassment occurs when one's job is directly dependent on whether a worker is willing to engage in a romantic relationship or perform sexual favors for a supervisor or some other person.

Studies show increasing fear of age discrimination

While Denver is a great city for employees of all ages to find jobs in, there has been an increasing sense of uneasiness for older workers. Colorado job searchers that are over 40 continue to have no luck in landing a safe position, and many of them attribute it to their age.

With the increase of online job applications, it is easy to think that some elder unemployment would not be a problem due to increased accessibility. However, discrimination still exists within online ads and job offerings. Though some studies struggle to fully convey the problems of age discrimination in the job market, the AARP recently released a survey that demonstrates how many deal with the mistreatment and are unsure about their future.

We represent victims of retaliation

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how employees in the Denver area are protected under both federal and Colorado law from what is called retaliation.

Although what is and is not retaliation can be a technical legal question, basically, it happens when an employer punishes its employee because the employee did something he or she had a legal right to do. Claims of retaliation typically happen when an employee reports his or her employer for discrimination or some other unlawful activity.

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