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Major bank fined for race discrimination

There are set rules and regulations in this country designed to protect individuals and groups from being discriminated against. Because of these rules and laws, most companies do everything in their power to ensure race discrimination or any kind of discrimination does not tarnish their public persona. However, many Colorado bank employees may be curious to know that a major bank has just been fined for race discrimination going back years.

Police chief vows to fight wrongful termination if fired

For small towns, the chief of police can be a very well-known figure or pillar of the community. This can mean any actions or statements he or she makes in public, even when not on duty, can be related to how others may see his or her ability to do the job. Recently, an outspoken police chief has found himself under fire for viewpoints and actions and it could cost him his job. If fired, the chief vows to pursue a wrongful termination suit. Any public figure in Colorado who faces termination and thinks their viewpoints or opinions may be the root cause may want to follow the case.

Nurse claims wrongful termination from hospital

Medical mistakes can be costly for everyone involved, including the patient, the hospital administration and even the staff that may be implicated in the mistake. A recent situation that has made the news has garnered attention on all fronts as a mistake has had ripple effects on everyone involved. A nurse involved in the medical mistake was terminated and has filed a wrongful termination suit against the hospital. Any Colorado hospital worker who has been involved with a mistake or even in the room when one has occurred may want to follow the story.

Massive race discrimination suit against Merrill Lynch resolved

Anytime a certain protected class or group of employees feels there has been prolific discrimination, a suit can filed but take years to come to resolution. However, the outcome can change the way an entire corporation does business and treats the next generation of employees. These are the hopes of the 1,200 plaintiffs who were all part of one of the biggest racial discrimination suits filed. Any Colorado employees who feel race discrimination exist in their work place may be encouraged by the outcome of the suit.

Police chief files wrongful termination suit

There are many career fields that require a certain level of physical fitness to maintain employment. Being on a police force is typically one of these types of job positions. However, for one police chief, issues over his ability to do a specific fitness part of his job qualification has led to the filing of a wrongful termination lawsuit. Any Colorado worker who has to pass a fitness regimen to keep their job may want to follow the case of this police chief.

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