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Labor board finds merit in charges of retaliation

When a corporation has expanded across the country and employs a great number of people, there are bound to be employees who are disgruntled here and there. Many times they are just isolated incidents. However, a recent investigation by the National Labor Relations Board has found some truth to the number of employer retaliation and wrongful termination claims made against a national retail chain. Any workers in Colorado who have felt they were retaliated against by their employers may want to follow the findings the board has shared about Wal-Mart.

High-end fashion store faces race discrimination suit

Working in high-end fashion stores can be a dream come true for some, especially women who love fashion. Yet, for one woman, it seems to have become a nightmare and she has filed a race discrimination suit as a result. The 43-year-old woman has filed suit against an Alexander McQueen store. Any Colorado worker who feels they may be the victim of race discrimination may want to follow the progress of her case.

Police chief seeks compensation in wrongful termination suit

There are some jobs and positions where someone's public reputation or persona can factor into how they are perceived professionally. While some may assume this is primarily true for public figures, such as politicians, it can also be true of police chiefs. Any Colorado public official may want to follow the case of a police chief who has filed a wrongful termination suit and also contends the town officials are guilty of defamation.

Teacher wins settlement claiming workplace retaliation

Whenever someone reports an incident of wrongdoing or a safety issue at their place of work, they may expect the necessary changes to be made. However, there are times when an employer acts out in retaliation when someone reports some sort of wrongdoing. This illegal maneuver by an employer can take on the form of demotion, wrongful termination or even harassment. Any educator in Colorado may be interested in how one case of retaliation against an employee has ended in a settlement.

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