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High-end fashion store faces race discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination

Working in high-end fashion stores can be a dream come true for some, especially women who love fashion. Yet, for one woman, it seems to have become a nightmare and she has filed a race discrimination suit as a result. The 43-year-old woman has filed suit against an Alexander McQueen store. Any Colorado worker who feels they may be the victim of race discrimination may want to follow the progress of her case.

The woman is Hispanic. She claims her boss at the store called her a number of offensive names, including: taco smoke, burrito face, and Goya princess. She claims the offensive comments were constant. She also claims she was told not to mess up the merchandise, as she had “greasy hands like a Mexican.”

The worker has filed suit and says the abuse impaired her ability to work with well-known clients. She worked for the store for more than 10 years. The high-end fashion store was also the target of another suit filed by an African born security guard who also claimed to be the victim of discrimination.

A successful race discrimination suit can bring about some closure and feelings of validation for Colorado victims. It can also lead to monetary damages, a reinstatement of a position within the company and/or it can lead to getting the promotion that may have been wrongfully denied. Anyone filing a race discrimination suit may want to investigate how this type of legal claim may benefit them and their career advancement opportunities.

Source: Huffington Post, Former Alexander McQueen Store Employee Called ‘Burrito Face’ Files Discrimination Lawsuit, Julee Wilson, Nov. 12, 2013