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Should you conduct an internal I-9 audit?

Running a business in Denver is more than just managing revenue and expenses and your employees. You must also stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. For instance, if you are a publicly traded company, you may have to submit quarterly financial reports in accordance with regulatory requirements established by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Or, if you have employees, you may need to periodically check your records in human resources to ensure that you have the appropriate documentation on hand. Failure to comply with government regulations can easily result in very expensive fines that can damage your company's bottom line.

Sexual harassment at work is a costly issue for everyone

Sexual harassment is a problem in the workplace and it creates hostility. It is imperative that all employers take steps to ensure that the company is free of all types of harassment. Not only does this make the business compliant with the law so that workers can do their jobs without being placed in an unnecessarily stressful environment, it also helps to shore up the economy. Sexual harassment victims lose around 973,000 hours in leave that is unpaid annually. The overall cost is around $4.4 million per year in this country.

We can help negotiate your severance agreement

No employee in the Denver area wants to get the dreaded call in to the boss's office or up to human resources for an unspecified conversation or, worse, a conversation about their future at the company. These sorts of conversations usually end with the employee's getting terminated, either for cause or otherwise.

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