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Age discrimination is not always easy to prove

There are many people in Colorado who may feel that, due their ages, they have been the victims of discrimination either in the workplace or during the hiring process. Age discrimination is a real problem, but it is not always easy to prove. This column will address things to know about age discrimination and what can be done if one is a victim.

Back pay may be granted following a wage and hour claim

In Colorado and elsewhere, there are individuals who have not been fully compensated by their employers for their time spent on the job. These individuals have the right to file a wage and hour claim in court in an effort to seek compensation for their losses. In many cases, back pay may be awarded.

Partnership contracts and handling disputes

Whether in Colorado or elsewhere, starting a business venture with someone else or bringing a partner on board after the fact can have advantages and disadvantages. Partnerships, in some ways, can ease some of the burdens of trying to own and operate a business by oneself. A lot goes into creating successful partnerships, and goals and expectations should be included in legal contracts in order to keep all parties protected.

Telecommunications company accused of wrongful termination

A man in another state has filed legal claims against his former employer after being let go from the company. A quick search in Google will show that wrongful termination is something that affects numerous people, in Colorado and elsewhere. Those who believe that they were fired unjustly do have the right to take legal actions in an effort to seek compensation for their resulting losses.

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