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Fiscal year 2018 pregnancy discrimination stats are available

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or "EEOC," the number of pregnancy discrimination claims filed with the federal agency dropped from 3,174 to 2,790 between the fiscal year 2017 and 2018. The EEOC is the federal agency tasked with enforcing the employment discrimination laws of the United States. A separate organization enforces Colorado's state-specific anti-discrimination laws. This is the lowest number of pregnancy discrimination charges submitted to EEOC since 2010 and represents about a 12% drop in the number of claims filed in fiscal year 2017.

You cannot be forced to work off the clock

A previous post here discussed how a major corporation in the Denver area has been accused of violating wage and hour laws. The post explained that the corporation had been accused of giving its employees too much work to do in order to effectively force them into working uncompensated overtime.

Study links age discrimination to physical and mental health

Age discrimination can have a drastic impact on a person's career, just as allegations of discrimination can drastically impact a company's future moving forward. However, most studies done on this topic focus on the financial impact, the changes to career goals, the impact on reputation, the legalities of the cases and other such topics. They take a very business-oriented focus.

Always document your workplace harassment experience

Many people in every field of work experience some form of harassment or discrimination on a daily basis, and may have strong grounds to take legal action. If you experience harassment while on the job, it is wise to document it carefully, building a strong collection of evidence to support a legal claim.

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