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Employment contract disagreements may impact Colorado workers

Many employees enter into contracts with their employers. These documents can help individuals understand the various aspects of their jobs, including their benefits and obligations. However, employment contract disputes are not uncommon, and many individuals may find themselves fighting for terms that they feel are fair. In some cases, these disputes could become time consuming.

Wage and hour claim filed against Chipotle in Colorado

Many individuals may visit restaurants or other similar establishments and not give much thought to their servers or other workers. It is especially unlikely that the casual customer is concerned with whether the workers are being properly compensated for their work. Unfortunately, many workers do have such concerns, and in some cases, a wage and hour claim may be necessary to address wage violations.

Older Colorado residents may face employment discrimination

Many older Colorado residents may find themselves restless when it comes to their retirement. This feeling is rather common, and many retired individuals find themselves hoping to get back into the workforce in order to relieve boredom or assist with needed income. Unfortunately, many older qualified individuals could end up facing employment discrimination due to their age. As a result, they may struggle financially.

Pre-paid debt cards could violate minimum wage law

Most workers are used to being paid for their jobs through a pay check. In some cases, employees may have their wages directly deposited into their bank accounts while others prefer to cash or deposit their checks themselves. On the other hand, employers may experiment with new types of payment methods, but in some cases, those methods could potentially violate minimum wage law.

Acts of retaliation could lead to wrongful termination claims

It is often the goal of employees to perform their duties as best as possible. Therefore, it can be a shock when individuals are punished for trying to do just that. In some cases, individuals who are working to ensure that proper protocols are followed could be negatively treated for their efforts and possibly fired. If individuals are victims of such a situation, they may have cause to file a wrongful termination claim.

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