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Do all wrongful termination cases go to court?

Losing a job can be a difficult thing to get through, as it leaves one concerned about the future. Things can be made even worse if an individual believes that the circumstances surrounding his or her firing were questionable. If a person has reason to suspect that he or she is the victim of wrongful termination, according to the laws of Colorado he or she may have legal recourse.

Gender at the heart of an employment discrimination case

In another state, a woman recently filed a lawsuit against her former bosses. She is claiming employment discrimination based on her gender. She also says she is the victim of retaliation. Sadly, her story is one that some in Colorado may find similar to their own situations.

Is there any way to avoid partner-related employment disputes?

Colorado business owners who are considering taking on partners have a lot of things to consider before taking such a big step. After all, partner-related employment disputes are known to arise. Do the benefits of taking on a partner outweigh the potential cons of having to deal with any legal issues that may occur.

Severance agreements of public officials are public knowledge

Those in Colorado and elsewhere who hold public positions find that little about their jobs is private. This includes their severance agreements when they leave their jobs. This, of course, opens them up to great public scrutiny. At the end of the day, however, what they are ultimately awarded comes down to a number of factors and a great deal of negotiations -- not really public opinion.

UPS settles disability discrimination lawsuit

Most places of employment in Colorado offer employees a limited amount of absence from work to heal from workplace injuries, sickness or other personal reasons. If someone wishes to return to work but has limited physical abilities, the American with Disabilities Act requires employers to make reasonable accommodations to transition the employee back on the job. Ninety employees of UPS did not believe their company made strong enough efforts to accommodate disabled employees and filed a disability discrimination lawsuit. UPS recently settled the lawsuit for $2 million.

Cop believes disability may reason for his wrongful termination

Colorado employees who work 18 years for an employer might believe they have job security. Employees might also believe that returning to work after a serious injury acquired on the job would indicate dedication of the employee to an employer. One former police officer in another state claims neither is the case for him, and he has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against his employer.

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