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Severance negotiation may be tricky for Colorado companies

A severance package and its outlining agreement can be an important bargaining tool for both employees and employers. Regardless of who draws up the agreement at a Colorado place of employment, any party entering into a severance agreement should be fully aware of the legal protections it offers and the severance negotiation options that are available. Without an awareness of severance negotiation rights, an employer or employee may be setting him or herself up for a misunderstanding that could lead to a dispute in the future.

Deputy claims political views led to wrongful termination

Local police departments, much like other positions in local government, may make news for reasons other than the quality of the jobs being performed. The termination of a public official in Colorado or elsewhere can lead to scrutiny if that termination appears to have occurred for reasons other than job performance, opening the door to a possible wrongful termination suit. According to a fired deputy in one locale, her political views and support for a candidate led to her termination from her job.

Colorado police force faces charges of employment discrimination

The police force, like many other places of employment, has fitness standards that can impact a person's ability to stay employed or perform certain duties. One Colorado police department is facing allegations of employment discrimination related to how the department handles fitness tests. The suit filed against the police department contends women should be held to different physical fitness standards compared to men.

Racial discrimination believed to be root of firing

A contentious work environment can be the result of any number of factors. However, there are times when a level of contention results from underlying tones or acts of discrimination that create a difficult working environment and may possibly lead to termination of an employee. Those in Colorado who may have felt that they were a victim of discrimination, and may have suffered negative consequences as a result of bringing those acts to light, may want to investigate their rights.

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