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Shipyard alleged site of race discrimination

Every work environment may have employees who do not get along or come from different backgrounds. While most every workplace has policies in place to ensure that everyone feels welcome and respected, there are times when discrimination does occur and can lead to legal action against a company. Colorado workers may be interested in a recent case of race discrimination that has six employees seeking action.

Colorado employees must know employment discrimination facts

It isn't unusual for a worker to feel disgruntled or unappreciated from time to time. But, if a worker genuinely feels that he or she is being directly discriminated against, and his or her feelings are more than just a hunch, that worker may want to learn about legal actions pertaining to employment discrimination. It is vital for any Colorado worker concerned about employment discrimination to understand protected classes and where he or she may fall into the various categories.

Pregnant woman seeks justice for employment discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects Colorado workers from suffering employment discrimination due to their disabilities. While that is clear, there seems to be some recent confusion over exactly which conditions are protected by that and other acts. In one case that is soon to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, a Colorado woman who claims that she suffered employment discrimination because of her pregnancy believes that the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act dictates that pregnant women must be treated as if they too are suffering from a short-term disability. 

Mother of P. Diddy's kids settled wrongful termination suit

When someone is a public figure or is well-known in the community, any kind of legal action against them may become public knowledge even if they don't want it to. When this legal action centers on accusations of wrongful termination in Colorado, the person being sued may find it more beneficial to settle the suit rather than let it play out as a public court case. Recently, the mother of rap mogul Sean P. Diddy's kids, 43-year-old Kim Porter, had to deal with a wrongful termination suit brought on by a nanny to her children.

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