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Wrongful termination claim may help Colorado workers seek justice

Losing a job under any circumstances can lead to rough times. If the individual feels that he or she was fired unjustly, there may be cause to pursue legal action. Filing a wrongful termination claim could allow individuals to seek compensation for any wrong-doing, and legal professionals may be able to help interested parties move forward effectively.

Some job requirements may violate minimum wage law in Colorado

Many individuals are wage-and-hour employees. This means that workers get paid an hourly wage rather than a yearly salary. Though this type of payment may seem convenient for getting compensated for time worked, there is also a chance that minimum wage law could be broken. In these cases, many workers may be cheated out of rightfully-earned wages. 

Employment contract disputes could concern Colorado workers

Colorado residents may be interested in a contract dispute currently happening in another state. Reports indicated that school bus drivers are considering going on strike in efforts to gain better terms for their employment contract. The contract has apparently been under negotiations, and recent actions have caused the divide between the drivers and the bus company. 

Colorado residents may fear disability discrimination

Many individuals with special needs struggle with the stigma of being perceived as less qualified simply for having a disability. Even if a person does have a physical or mental disability that does not impact their ability to carry out certain duties, they may still be passed over for a job. In these cases, individuals may be the victims of disability discrimination.

Filing reports could lead to wrongful termination in Colorado

Many workers undoubtedly hope that they work at upstanding facilities that carry out useful enterprises. However, there are often instances in which workers may notice some unseemly practices occurring at their places of employment. It is not unusual for employees to take it upon themselves to report questionable actions. Unfortunately, making claims could result in individuals facing wrongful termination.

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