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Employment contract disputes could concern Colorado workers

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2016 | Employment Contracts

Colorado residents may be interested in a contract dispute currently happening in another state. Reports indicated that school bus drivers are considering going on strike in efforts to gain better terms for their employment contract. The contract has apparently been under negotiations, and recent actions have caused the divide between the drivers and the bus company. 

One of those actions came in the form of a civil lawsuit filed against the bus company. The suit states that the company has not properly made payments to the drivers relating to savings and investment plans. It was noted that retirement funding issues was a significant problem when it came to the contract negotiations. The report went on to state that the company has not met over $77,000 in matching contributions toward retirement benefits. 

The threat of a strike is a worry for members of the school district who have concerns about how the students will get to school. It was noted that if such a strike occurs, they may attempt to petition for an emergency injunction in hopes of keeping the buses running. However, students may still need to find rides of their own in such an event.

As this case shows, difficulties coming to terms with employment contract agreements could impact numerous people. However, it is important for individuals who are facing such disputes to understand their options for working toward the terms they desire and gaining their due compensation. Colorado residents who are facing contract disputes may wish to speak with experienced attorneys to determine whether taking legal action could be in their best interests.

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