Ending A Working Relationship With Integrity

Severance agreements trigger important issues, not just for employees, but for employers as well. Surprisingly, despite these significant issues, employers and employees both neglect to consult legal counsel with respect to these severance agreements until it is too late. The employment law attorneys at The Litigation Boutique LLC regularly address these issues in their practice. They understand how these issues affect employers and employees. Our firm’s lawyers draft and review severance agreements accordingly with a clear objective eye and a penchant for creative solutions, whether those situations require negotiation or litigation.

Consult Us Before Signing Anything

In advance of signing any severance agreement, we commonly advise clients to never sign one without consulting with us first. Many of these severance agreements contain waiver clauses. These waiver clauses state that once you have signed the agreement, you waive all further right to have the agreement reviewed and revised by your own attorney and that you forego the right to bring any legal claims you may have had against your employer.

Drafting A Sustainable Agreement

Employers, too, should consult with us prior to offering any severance agreement to your employees, even if the employers have drafted their own severance agreements. We can provide a legal opinion to the employer regarding the advisability and enforceability of the agreement. Furthermore, any employer who knows that an employee has violated a severance agreement should consult with us in order to anticipate and manage any costly legal exposure or to litigate the matter against the breaching employee.

Contact A Denver Severance Negotiation Attorney

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