Time Off Work: You Are Legally Allowed Certain Absences

Both federal and Colorado state law entitle employees to a number of different kinds of excused extended absences from work called “leaves.” Some of these leaves may already be familiar to you: voting leave, FMLA (the Family and Medical Leave Act) and bereavement leave. Military service members and their family members also have employment leave rights. The Litigation Boutique LLC can help you understand these laws, how to comply with them and how to ensure that these rights are observed.

Know Your Rights And Obligations

Employers and employees alike have an interest in ensuring that these rules are observed. Employers, and specifically small businesses, have a particular vulnerability to these laws. Small-business administrators often find themselves overwhelmed by the level of documentation required by law. This documentation includes entire employer handbooks and written leave policies.

Many times, not only do the employers not understand these laws, but the employees themselves do not understand the laws. Some employees do not even know these laws exist. We represent clients who are perhaps for the first time understanding that the law does indeed allow them to step away from work to meet legitimate family and national needs.

Our firm’s attorneys understand the issues facing both employers and employees when embroiled in employment leave disputes. We regularly advise clients with respect to these controversies. We draft and review leave policies. We also provide legal opinions regarding the soundness of employee handbooks. Should the dispute remain unresolved, we also provide our clients with a full menu of litigation options, including experienced representation at trial.

Contact A Denver Employment Leave Attorney

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