Did You Lose Your Job Legally?

Getting fired can be a demoralizing experience, and sometimes if feels unfair. However, you may believe your termination was also illegal. In an at-will state like Colorado, it may be difficult to determine whether your firing was lawful. That’s why you have every right to seek the counsel of a skilled attorney if you are uncertain.

Did Discrimination Contribute To Your Termination?

An employer can’t fire someone for discriminatory reasons. If you are a member of a federally protected class, you can’t lose your job just because of those factors, including:

In Colorado and many other states, sexual orientation is also a protected class, and The Litigation Boutique LLC has successfully represented numerous clients who have lost their jobs due to discrimination based on this factor.

Are You The Victim Of Retaliation?

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, and sometimes standing up for truth results in negative consequences. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from being a voice for justice, especially when you have legal advocates who aren’t afraid to stand firm with you.

Did you report wrongdoing on the job? Did you file a complaint about sexual harassment by a co-worker? Did you then suddenly begin receiving negative performance reviews or unfounded write-ups in your employment file? If you feel your termination was the direct result of performing a protected action, we can discuss with you the legal strategies available for repairing the damage done through your job loss. If your case has merit, we are not afraid to take it to trial.

Seeking Legal Remedies For Your Wrongful Termination

When you were fired, you not only lost your income, but you lost your benefits, fell behind on your bills and likely suffered emotional distress. Our law firm has successfully litigated cases of unlawful firing that led to substantial damages precisely because of those kinds of losses.

Let us examine your situation and advise you on the appropriate steps to take. Contact one of our lawyers through our online information form, or call our offices at 303.578.2833 for an evaluation of your case. We serve employees in the Denver metro area as well as consult with employers who may be facing issues involving their rights and duties when terminating workers.