Preventing Litigation And Unnecessary Costs

Employee-related litigation can prove costly to any business, especially to small businesses. Despite these costs, some employers who otherwise exercise sound judgment allow these costs to remain unmanaged at the front end. At The Litigation Boutique LLC, we can provide you with the legal mechanisms and solutions your business needs to manage these issues pre-emptively, thus making more money available to your business where you need it.

Legal Help With A Range Of Employment Issues

The Litigation Boutique LLC provides comprehensive legal counseling across the entire spectrum of employment law and its related areas. Our menu of legal options with respect to employer-side legal counseling includes:

  • Employee handbook drafting
  • Employee handbook audits
  • I-9 audits
  • Workplace investigations
  • Independent consultant agreement drafting
  • Separation agreement drafting and review
  • Severance agreement drafting and review

In addition, we advise our clients with a special sensitivity to employee classification issues. The United States Department of Labor has deployed hundreds of new enforcers looking for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). These new investigators are especially sensitive to an employers’ failure to observe minimum wage and overtime requirements. The federal penalties resulting from the misclassification of an employee, for instance, as salaried instead of hourly can result in a business receiving more serious (and expensive) scrutiny from the federal government.

Contact A Denver Employer Counseling Attorney

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