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Car company is subject of employment discrimination lawsuit

Large corporations from overseas may find it difficult to adapt to American customs and labor regulations. However, despite any cultural differences between a foreign company and American employees, workforce laws can’t be overlooked or disregarded. One car company, Kia Motors Manufacturing is currently the subject of an employment discrimination lawsuit launched by two different workers. Anyone in Colorado who feels they have been discriminated against may want to follow the case.

Buffalo Wild Wings accused of race discrimination

When someone feels discriminated against, it may be difficult to endure. When there may be others in the same establishment who have had similar experiences or have felt the same way, the process may be easier to navigate. One national restaurant chain, Buffalo Wild Wings, is now facing charges of race discrimination after two women contended they were treated poorly by management. Anyone in Colorado who feels they are subjected to taunts, humiliation or other forms of discrimination based on their race may want to follow the case.

Convenience store chain accused of race discrimination

For some people, the thought of owning their own business is a lifelong dream, the American dream. This can be particularly true of immigrants who come to Colorado and other states looking for ways to earn a living and take care of their families. One way to become a business owner is through running a franchise of a chain store or restaurant. However, for one group of immigrants, buying and operating a 7-Eleven franchise store has allegedly been a lesson in race discrimination rather than a story of success.

Walgreens settles federal disability discrimination suit

When people think about disabilities, they may picture an individual in a wheelchair or suffering from another disability that may be obvious to the naked eye. However, there are many disabilities, in the form of illnesses, that may not be so obvious but can still lead to problems in the workplace. For one woman, having an illness that fits the definition of a disability allegedly led to her termination and subsequent federal disability discrimination suit against her employer. Anyone in Colorado who may have an illness that interferes with the ability to work may want to follow the story of the woman and her suit against the drugstore chain Walgreens.

Correction officers win race discrimination settlement

Whenever an employee feels they have been discriminated against, or they are part of a group that has been discriminated against as a whole, they may benefit from taking legal action -- either an individual or as a group. Even if the initial legal action ends in a way they do not agree with, employees may elect to pursue an appeal as a means of continuing to pursue enforcement of their legal rights. This was the case of a group of corrections officers who pursued a race discrimination case and, thereafter, an appeal. Readers in Colorado may want to follow the case.

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