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Teacher alleges age discrimination after being moved

Teaching can be a difficult career choice, as school administrations and job responsibilities change over time. When special education is involved, the changing field can make the environment particularly challenging. For one teacher, being moved to another school has prompted an age discrimination suit and a claim of disability discrimination. Any Colorado educator who feels discriminated against may be interested in this case.

Disability discrimination suit filed against FedEx

Most businesses are required to provide accommodations for workers who have specific disabilities and unique needs. These accommodations are made from time of training and initial employment and throughout the entire time a person is employed. If these accommodations are not met, a company may be at risk of a disability discrimination lawsuit. One well-known national company, FedEx, has been accused of just that. Colorado readers may be interested in following news of the litigation. 

Technician reaches settlement in employment discrimination suit

For the most part, employees and employers find themselves in a symbiotic relationship that does not result in any form of animosity or legal action. Yet, there are other times when employment discrimination is a factor and that relationship leads to legal intervention and possible monetary settlements. No company or industry in Colorado or elsewhere is immune from the possibility of employment discrimination, including the well-known news media organization CNN.

Teen files employment discrimination claim after wearing a hijab

Many companies look to uphold their branding and expect a certain level of professionalism in the appearance from their employees. During the interview process, Colorado applicants should be have a majority of the decision of their hire based upon how well they answer the questions and fit the look of the company. Unfortunately, some company dress policies may not be considerate of garments worn as part of a someone's religion, which could rule out a potentially great worker and lead to an employment discrimination issue.

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