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Teacher alleges age discrimination after being moved

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Teaching can be a difficult career choice, as school administrations and job responsibilities change over time. When special education is involved, the changing field can make the environment particularly challenging. For one teacher, being moved to another school has prompted an age discrimination suit and a claim of disability discrimination. Any Colorado educator who feels discriminated against may be interested in this case.

The woman was a high school special needs teacher for 12 years, and she was also the chair of the special education department. She was told she needed to be moved to a middle school, but she claims there was no valid reason for the move to be made. She also claims that her job entailed working with moderate or mild disabilities, and she was being transferred to a job that entailed working with children who had profound disabilities.

The job at the high school was allegedly then given to a younger teacher who the suit claims is not qualified for the position. The woman also says she has agoraphobia and needed special accommodations for the condition. Those accommodations were apparently denied. The teacher is seeking forward and back pay along with emotional suffering compensation. The board denies any allegations of wrongdoing.

Any kind of discrimination can be difficult to prove in a Colorado civil court. However, any employee or former employee who feels age discrimination is the reason for a decision made by superiors should fully understand their rights and options. A civil suit alleging discrimination may help an employee become reinstated into a job he or she loves or get the compensation he or she deserves while trying to move forward.

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