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Wage and hour claim issues can be costly in a number of ways

Most everyone who works for a living does so with a certain amount of compensation in mind. There are many laws on the books that dictate just how workers can be and should be compensated for the work they do and the time they put into that work. When there are wage and hour claim disputes or discrepancies between workers and employers, there can be costly disputes. Anyone in Colorado who works may benefit from understanding how wage and hour claim laws may apply to them and their particular place of employment.

Wrongful termination suit against Neiman Marcus is settled

There may be many reasons employees and employers do not personally mesh or otherwise have a difficult time getting along. A recent case of an employee and employer disagreeing about why a person was terminated led to a wrongful termination suit against Neiman Marcus. The case hinges on allegations back and forth pertaining to a sales scam, and differences related to religion was also cited as a point of contention. Anyone in Colorado who feels they were wrongfully accused in the workplace may be interested in the case.

Man claims employment discrimination based on religion

There are very clear laws and regulations about religious rights for workers and how an employee may not be discriminated against based on his or her religion. Despite these laws and regulations, employment discrimination based upon religion still occurs. Anyone in Colorado who needs certain days or times off work to accommodate religious beliefs or observances may be interested in a recent case of discrimination concerning the national chain Dunkin' Donuts. 

Assistant dean sues for race discrimination

There may be all sorts of reasons a person is dismissed from a job or is let go after a leave of absence. However, there are times when a person is dismissed as retribution for speaking out about alleged discrimination. Recently, an assistant dean of a university filed a claim of race discrimination after being dismissed following a leave of absence to deal with medical issues she said related to what she endured in the workplace. Any Colorado educator who believes discrimination may exist in their workplace may be interested in the story.

You and employment discrimination -- the facts

Whenever a worker feels treated unfairly at his or her place of work, it may be natural to wonder if discrimination has played in a role. There is a difference between feeling discriminated against and actually being the victim of employment discrimination. Anyone in Colorado who thinks employment discrimination played a role in an incident at work or led to their termination may gain by seeking more information about employment discrimination in general.

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