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Police officer charges race discrimination on-the-job

Police work is often difficult and depends on a lot of trust and honesty. Anytime there are suspected indiscretions or allegations of misconduct by a police officer, there may be an internal investigation into those allegations. However, if an investigation is launched as part of an attempt to discredit or target an individual police officer, in Colorado or elsewhere, there may be charges of discrimination. One officer from another state contends he is the victim of race discrimination as an investigation has been launched against him.

Charter school under fire amid employment disputes

Tutors are a vital part of the school system nowadays. Many schools now offer tutoring services and employ college students or graduates to act as tutors. However, one charter school is dealing with employment disputes about the pay for tutors employed by the school. Anyone who works as a tutor in Colorado or who is contracted to work hourly may want to follow the story of the charter school.

Doctor alleges wrongful termination after losing privileges

Whenever someone loses a job, licenses or privileges to perform their job, the loss of income or employability can have far-reaching effects. For a doctor, having privileges to work out of a hospital can be a professional necessity in order to practice medicine. Recently, a gynecologist filed a wrongful termination suit against a hospital who terminated his right to practice at the hospital in question. Any Colorado medical professional concerned about their privileges or dealing with licensing issues may want to follow the status of the case.

Employment discrimination over sexual orientation costs thousands

It has been a historic year for residents of Colorado. They have seen recreational use of marijuana legalized, and along with numerous other states, they have also seen gay marriage legalized. While it has always been illegal to discriminate based on age, race and gender, sexual orientation is relatively new to the list of reasons that employers cannot discriminate against their employees. When they do, employees are free to file an employment discrimination suit.

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