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Police officer charges race discrimination on-the-job

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Police work is often difficult and depends on a lot of trust and honesty. Anytime there are suspected indiscretions or allegations of misconduct by a police officer, there may be an internal investigation into those allegations. However, if an investigation is launched as part of an attempt to discredit or target an individual police officer, in Colorado or elsewhere, there may be charges of discrimination. One officer from another state contends he is the victim of race discrimination as an investigation has been launched against him.

The man was on the police force for 26 years. He says he became the target of the investigation based on nonexistent evidence. He claims the incident was racially motivated and was a thinly veiled attempt to end his career.

He also alleges that those in charge and who he blames for the targeted investigation also accessed his phone records and email. He says he was also persuaded to a take another position that got him out of the police headquarters where he was working. Leaders in the community have expressed discontent and, if the allegations of race discrimination prove true, demand that appropriate action be taken.

Sometimes, race discrimination lawsuits are difficult to prove. However, it is against the law in Colorado as well as every other state. When someone successfully proves in court that they were victimized in the course of their employment due to their racial heritage, they may be entitled to financial reparations and other relief, such as reinstatement to a lost position or a promotion to a position that was denied. Anyone who believes that he or she has suffered racial discrimination in the work place and/or has been fired due to their race may benefit from gaining an understanding of their rights under state and federal laws.

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