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Race discrimination may lead to legal claims in Colorado

Facing unjust actions in the workplace can lead to significantly negative impacts on a person's life. If that individual is the victim of race discrimination, the situation is not only hurtful but also illegal. Therefore, Colorado residents who have faced such discrimination and suffered negative outcomes while at work may wish to consider filing a legal claim in order to seek justice.

Violating minimum wage law could leave Colorado workers without

Many Colorado residents may refer to their jobs as how they make a living. This often means that their income is their means of being able to provide for themselves and their families. Because income is so important to most individuals, it can be detrimental when minimum wage law is violated and workers do not receive the proper compensation for their services. 

Southwest Airlines face pickets due to employment contract issues

Though many Colorado residents may love their jobs, they may also face serious issues from time to time. In many cases, individuals who work under an employment contract could have difficulties when it comes to negotiating terms for such a contract after it expires. Unfortunately, if agreements are not made, many parties could suffer due to the lack of clarity on certain employment aspects.

Reporting problems may lead to wrongful termination in Colorado

Colorado residents may be interested in an employment law case that is currently taking place in another state. Reports indicated that a former fire chief filed a claim after he was terminated from his position. He had worked for the fire department for over 20 years. He filed his wrongful termination claim due to feeling he was unjustly fired.

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