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Race discrimination may lead to legal claims in Colorado

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2016 | Workplace Discrimination

Facing unjust actions in the workplace can lead to significantly negative impacts on a person’s life. If that individual is the victim of race discrimination, the situation is not only hurtful but also illegal. Therefore, Colorado residents who have faced such discrimination and suffered negative outcomes while at work may wish to consider filing a legal claim in order to seek justice.

One man in another state took such action after being discriminated against due to his race. Reports stated that he and two other men who worked at a jail believed that they were the victims of unjust actions due to being African American. One man moved from the area after being denied a promotion and believed that racism place a considerable role in that decision.

A legal claim was filed against the county, and though the two other men were also involved in the legal process, their claims were reported as being in appeals courts at the time of the report. However, this man’s claim was successful, and he was recently awarded $500,000. Reports stated that the jury awarded the man $100,000 over the amount the man was working toward in order to make a point regarding the racism displayed by the employers. 

Incidents of race discrimination are disheartening and unfortunately more common than one would hope. Luckily, there are steps individuals can take to pursue justice and compensation for the mistreatment that they incurred. Experienced attorneys may be able to help interested Colorado residents file a claim of their own if they have faced such circumstances.

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