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Man sues town for wrongful termination after acquittal

Whenever someone is arrested or accused of a crime, they may have to deal with the issue of the allegations becoming public knowledge and affecting their reputation and even career opportunities. Even if a person is found innocent, the mere accusation can have a lasting impact. Anyone in Colorado may be interested in the story of a man who lost his job and is now suing for wrongful termination after he was acquitted of charges he believes to have played a role in why he lost his job.

Man wins race discrimination lawsuit against company

Diverse work environments are everywhere. Because there are those out there who do work well or behave well in diverse environments, there are very detailed and specific laws regarding discrimination, namely race discrimination, age discrimination and gender discrimination among others. If someone in Colorado suffers discrimination from someone who does not abide by the laws pertaining to discrimination, legal action may help.

Bank settles sex and age discrimination suit

As employees age, many are revered as valuable assets because they have years of experience and insight into the given field or position they hold. However, there are times when companies do not necessarily revere older employees as essential and actually try to cast them aside because of their age. This kind of age discrimination is illegal and can lead to repercussions for any company that practices age discrimination. A recent case of bank employees who claimed to be discriminated against because of their age and also because they were female may be note-worthy for any Colorado employee above a certain age or who is female.

"Grey's Anatomy" crew member claims wrongful termination

Whenever someone feels a protected group is being demeaned or discriminated against, they may launch a complaint or inquire as to how the problem will be rectified. That response typically leads to changes in the workplace. However, there are times when launching a complaint leads to what is deemed wrongful termination. Colorado entertainment workers may be interested in a case where a television show worker with the hit show "Grey's Anatomy" has claimed a wrongful discharge.

Newspaper employees sue for wrongful termination

It is not unusual for older, more experienced employees of a company to be asked to train or advise a younger group coming up through the ranks. However, when that younger group is actually being trained to take the job of the older employee training them, legal complications may quickly arise. In fact, Colorado workers may be interested in a story regarding a newspaper that is being sued by a group of older employees. They claim to be the victims of wrongful termination, as they say they were terminated to make room for a younger batch of workers.

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