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Man wins race discrimination lawsuit against company

On Behalf of | May 20, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Diverse work environments are everywhere. Because there are those out there who do work well or behave well in diverse environments, there are very detailed and specific laws regarding discrimination, namely race discrimination, age discrimination and gender discrimination among others. If someone in Colorado suffers discrimination from someone who does not abide by the laws pertaining to discrimination, legal action may help.

Recently in another state, a man pursued a race discrimination suit against the oil equipment company where he had worked for three years. The black man claimed that he was fired after he reached out to management regarding his treatment. The man claimed that a new foreman was threatening and using racist language. He cited the incidents as ongoing, and he also received bonuses each year that he was an employee.

The man was let go from the company just one day after his co-workers agreed to come forward and serve as witnesses to the discriminatory behavior. He sought legal damages and won a settlement. He was eventually awarded $675,000 in benefits and back pay and was awarded $2.5 million in damages.

There are times in Colorado when a race discrimination case can be difficult to prove. However, if there is evidence from any documentation or witnesses who can corroborate acts of discrimination, the path to a successful outcome may be easier. Anyone who feels they were the victim of race discrimination or any other kind of discrimination may want to be fully aware of his or her rights and what actions he or she may be able to pursue.

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