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Football coach files wrongful termination suit against school

For those who coach or work in another capacity in the field of athletics, a contract for employment may be a season-to-season agreement. Along with the renewal of a contract to continue in a position may come the chance to earn more money. One college football coach found his contract's renewal shortly followed by a wrongful termination suit against his alma matter. Any Colorado employee who faces regular contract renewals may want to follow the story to see how the coach came to sue the university.

General Mills faces allegations of age discrimination

There are many reasons why a company needs to lay off workers or restructure its workforce. However, if employees are laid off based solely on their ages, the company may very well be guilty of age discrimination. Any Colorado employee who believes age discrimination played a role in why he or she was terminated may want to understand his or her rights and what to expect if he or she pursues legal action.

Coke settles with employee after retaliation claims

Workers' rights and union issues can be a hot-button topic for some industries and companies. One well-known international beverage company, Coca-Cola, has just settled a suit related to issues revolving around one man's attempt to unionize at a bottling plant. Any Colorado employee who feels retaliation for trying to unionize or speak out about problems on-the-job is why he or she was terminated from employment may be interested in learning about Coca-Cola's settlement of the case with a former delivery driver.

Ruby Tuesday must defend against employment discrimination

Many industries, including the restaurant industry, provide unique opportunities for employees to earn more or to take part in special assignments working at seasonal locations. This type of in-house promotion opportunity or ability to take part in a new venture can be a much-coveted chance sought out by a company's best employees in Colorado or elsewhere. One nationwide restaurant chain, Ruby Tuesday, recently sought workers to temporarily transfer to a different location only to then find itself fighting off an employment discrimination charge.

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