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Colorado employment contract: Non-compete agreements

Finding a job that one will love, that has good pay and benefits and is everything that one could hope for is not necessarily easy. When such an opportunity comes available and a noncompete agreement is required as part of the employment contract, it may give one reason to pause and re-evaluate the situation. This week's column will address some things those residing in Colorado and elsewhere should know about noncompete agreements before they sign.

Former banker for Wells Fargo claims to be victim of retaliation

Individuals employed at companies in Colorado or elsewhere lose their jobs everyday. Generally there are valid reasons for it, such as poor employee performance or company downsizing. There are those who may feel that their terminations were unwarranted, however. Such is the case for a woman in another state who claims to be a victim of retaliation for failing to participate in unethical banking practices for Wells Fargo.

Man files disability discrimination claim against former employer

A man in another state has filed a civil claim against his former employer for being fired after suffering a medical event that left him disabled. Laws are in place to protect employees from disability discrimination. If this gentleman is able to successfully prove that he is a victim of this type of injustice, he may receive compensation for his losses. The same can be said for Colorado residents who have suffered similar fates.

Wrongful termination and harassment claims filed against hospital

A hospital in another state is being sued by a former staff member. The plaintiff claims she is the victim of wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Sadly, her experience is not an uncommon thing. Colorado residents who believe they have experienced situations much like this woman's may be entitled to take legal action in order to seek compensation for their losses.

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