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Wrongful termination and harassment claims filed against hospital

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2017 | Wrongful Termination

A hospital in another state is being sued by a former staff member. The plaintiff claims she is the victim of wrongful termination and sexual harassment. Sadly, her experience is not an uncommon thing. Colorado residents who believe they have experienced situations much like this woman’s may be entitled to take legal action in order to seek compensation for their losses.

According to reports, Citizens Memorial Hospital (CMH) is listed as the defendant in a case brought forward by a former nurse. This individual claims that, while working in the facility’s cath lab, she was the victim of repeated sexual harassment by a lead cardiologist. Despite her frequent requests that this person stop his behavior, the harassment continued. She then filed a formal complaint with Human Resources and claims that she was then terminated.

So far, the defendant has not commented on this case. A spokeswoman for the hospital has stated that CMH will not comment on issues of a personal nature. The plaintiff is reportedly seeking compensation for the various physical, psychological and financial damages she has endured as a result of this situation.

Litigating wrongful termination and harassment claims can be a tricky business. It is not always easy to prove the claims made in such cases. However, this does not mean it is impossible. An experienced employment law attorney can assist Colorado residents who have been unfairly released from their jobs and/or victims of workplace discrimination in seeking damages. While these cases can take time, with the right battle plan in place, it may be possible to achieve compensation either through litigation or out-of-court negotiations.

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