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Employment discrimination alleged over goatee in the workplace

Discrimination can come in all forms. In the workplace, if discrimination is present, there may be legal consequences. A man recently filed a federal lawsuit against his employer, claiming employment discrimination related to facial hair. Anyone in Colorado who feels they have been discriminated against due to appearance may be interested in the story.

Meat packaging worker files wrongful termination suit

The meat industry has been in the news a lot recently with stories related to unsafe practices or recall notices for meat from certain plants or areas. Colorado is known as a meat industry hub with its many cattle farms and beef industry history. Recently, a worker in a meat-packing plant came forward with a suit alleging that she was the victim of wrongful termination.

Police officer pursues wrongful termination suit against town

A police officer is a trusted public servant. Whenever there is any kind of suspicion that a police officer in Colorado or any other state has acted unethically or outside of the confines of their job, other police officers may be ordered to investigate the alleged actions of that police officer. An investigation of a police officer led to that officer being fired, which has now resulted in her pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit against other officers and town officials.

Colorado hospital worker claims race discrimination

Whenever people pursue a claim against their employer, the process can be time-consuming and lead to different conclusions. A Colorado hospital worker has pursued a race discrimination suit that has gone on for several years, as the case has now reached an appeals court. The Hispanic cafeteria employee worked at the hospital for six years before leaving and taking legal action against her supervisors.

Police woman files wrongful termination suit

Many local governments have found themselves in a position where they need to make cuts in order to continue providing needed services with less money. Those cuts can affect police departments across the country. However, one police woman who was let go from her position does not believe economic cuts are to blame, and she has filed a wrongful termination suit against the country. Any Colorado city or state employee who believes their job may have been wrongfully cut may want to follow the story of the female deputy.

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