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School gets hit with a number of wrongful termination suits

Those who work in education in Colorado may be interested in a number of employment law claims made with respect to public school employees in another state. The wrongful termination cases were recently settled. In excess of $400,000 must now be paid with regard to three separate employment law cases.

Severance negotiation ability is important for all parties

A severance agreement can be an important part of negotiations involving employment. Many employees and employers in Colorado may stick to a standard severance agreement and not really understand how the severance negotiation process can help both sides and ensure fairness for all parties. Any severance negotiations should be reviewed by an experienced legal professional before either party signs, regardless of the relationship the parties have established.

Dancers sue over wage and hour claim dispute

There are many types of compensation, including tips and other benefits paid to employees. Regardless of how a worker is compensated, there are still laws pertaining to wages and overtime pay. If a Colorado employer is not abiding by those laws and workers feel they are shorted pay, those workers have rights and protections under the law and can pursue a wage and hour claim against that employer. Recently, two former dancers decided to sue the owner of the strip club where they worked for allegedly not paying them correctly.

An employer retaliation case can be complex for Colorado workers

There may be incidents when an employer and an employee simply don't see eye to eye and can't work without conflict or worse. While it isn't illegal or unusual to not necessarily like each other or get along, it is illegal for an employer to use his or her position to retaliate against an employee. Anyone in Colorado who feels that employer retaliation is the reason he or she has suffered negative consequences related to work may want to understand the specifics of what is needed in order to pursue a case of employer retaliation.

Waiter sues restaurant for alleged age discrimination

Certain establishments are as well known for the service they provide as the products they make or serve. This can be particularly true of the restaurant industry in Colorado and elsewhere. One restaurant is now being sued for age discrimination as one well-known waiter has been let go and feels that his age is the primary reason for his dismissal, despite the fact that he was a much-requested server who was considered by many to be a staple at the establishment.

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