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Waiter sues restaurant for alleged age discrimination

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination

Certain establishments are as well known for the service they provide as the products they make or serve. This can be particularly true of the restaurant industry in Colorado and elsewhere. One restaurant is now being sued for age discrimination as one well-known waiter has been let go and feels that his age is the primary reason for his dismissal, despite the fact that he was a much-requested server who was considered by many to be a staple at the establishment.

The waiter was an award-winning part of the team at a Palm Restaurant location. He contends that he was frequently asked for by name by customers. These “call parties” who requested the waiter were no longer getting him as a server, and a few asked him why directly. Then, the waiter alleges he was told by management that he was no longer needed at the restaurant.

The waiter is suing for age discrimination and is seeking back pay and front pay. He is also seeking lost benefits in the amount of $436,000. Along with the charge of age discrimination, the waiter also alleges that he was the target of verbal mistreatment by his co-workers.

While some jobs may become more difficult as a person ages, letting an employee go based on age alone is grounds for an age discrimination suit. In Colorado, a civil suit for age discrimination can help an employee obtain compensation and even possibly get the employee his or her job back, if desired. While an age discrimination suit may be difficult to prove in some cases, experienced legal counsel may be able to advise a terminated worker on the options he or she has.

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