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Changes in drug laws open door for discrimination suits

Many employers legally require compliance with drug testing policies. Government jobs and other Colorado companies often require a drug test before a certain applicant is officially hired. However, changes in drug laws in a number of states, including Colorado, have opened the door for employees to technically test positive for drugs and not be committing any crime. This slippery slope pertaining to drug laws and usage has prompted discrimination suits to crop up.

Woman says divorce led to wrongful termination

There may be many different stipulations placed on employees or volunteers if they are working in the confines of a religious organization. However, even though certain codes of conduct may be enforced, any employer is still held to legal standards of workplace regulations. This means they can still be held accountable for wrongful termination. Any Colorado employee of a religious group may want to follow the case of a woman who claims her pending divorce was the cause of her wrongful termination.

Major broadcast company accused of age discrimination

It is not unusual to turn on the television and see very youthful figures that look a certain way. This is just a reality of today's youth-obsessed culture in the eyes of many. However, when this seems to occur at the expense of older employees feeling that age discrimination is at work in Colorado or elsewhere in the television industry, there can be legal consequences. Recently NBC News has come under fire for accusations of age discrimination of a news reporter.

Moving company pays fine in national origin discrimination suit

There are many ways a person or company may be acting in a discriminatory manner. When there is clear discrimination and workers take legal action, changes are typically made in order to prevent any such practices of behaviors from happening again. Any Colorado company or workers may want to follow the case of a moving and storage company who had to settle a national origin discrimination suit.

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