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Moving company pays fine in national origin discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination

There are many ways a person or company may be acting in a discriminatory manner. When there is clear discrimination and workers take legal action, changes are typically made in order to prevent any such practices of behaviors from happening again. Any Colorado company or workers may want to follow the case of a moving and storage company who had to settle a national origin discrimination suit.

The company was accused of illegally implementing an English-only language policy in the workplace. Management and some other supervisors were also accused of using slurs and racist language towards Hispanic employees who worked at the company. The employees affected by the negative and illegal actions filed a petition to the management of the company in an attempt to halt the behavior. This action by the employees was met with people being fired and others having their hours cut back.

The company contends they have not violated the law and were not guilty of discrimination. However, they settled the law suit by the employees for $450,000. They have also agreed to review and adjust any policies that are not acceptable.

When workers in any industry believe they are the victims of national origin discrimination, there are several courses of action they can take. Laws exist at the state and federal levels to protect workers from this form of discrimination. Minority workers in Colorado or elsewhere may benefit by becoming aware of their legal rights and how to protect themselves from discrimination. If a company is liable for national origin discrimination, they may have to pay restitution or rehire workers who were wrongfully fired.

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