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Woman says divorce led to wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2013 | Wrongful Termination

There may be many different stipulations placed on employees or volunteers if they are working in the confines of a religious organization. However, even though certain codes of conduct may be enforced, any employer is still held to legal standards of workplace regulations. This means they can still be held accountable for wrongful termination. Any Colorado employee of a religious group may want to follow the case of a woman who claims her pending divorce was the cause of her wrongful termination.

The case involves a woman who worked for a Christian ministry group for decades. She let her employer know that she and her husband were considering divorce. The woman contends that her employer requested she take time off work and enroll in marriage counseling as a way to save her union. She claims she did so, and it simply did not work and she still planned to divorce.

The woman claims that after she disclosed they were still divorcing, she was terminated. She cites that two other men working for the organization both went through divorces and also remarried without losing their job. The ministry says they believe employees should work toward reconciliation, but they did not comment on the specific matter. They did cite that they were a religious organization and had the freedom to make such stipulations.

While the laws and regulations may be complex when it comes to employment with religious organizations, there are statutes that transcend those freedoms. If the woman in this case can prove she was the victim of wrongful termination, she may be able to seek damages, lost income or get her job back. Any Colorado employee may want to be sure they know their employers exact expectations when it comes to relationships and their job status.

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