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Wrongful termination may negatively affect Colorado workers

Many individuals often enjoy the jobs that they hold and hope to do their best while working. Therefore, when an individual is fired from their position, he pr she may feel disheartened and confused. If the termination came about without clear reason, some individuals may wish to gain answers regarding the termination. In some cases, the firing may not have been warranted, and the former worker may wish to file a wrongful termination claim. 

Employment discrimination may lead to legal action in Colorado

When individuals feel as if they are being treated unfairly, they may be uncertain how to handle the situation. They may feel as if there is nothing they can do. If individuals are facing employment discrimination, there could be serious legal repercussions for those discriminating against individuals due to race, age, gender or other factors. 

Model settles employment discrimination case after losing her job

Many Colorado readers may be familiar with or have watched "The Price is Right" on television. Brandi Cochran, a former model of the show, claims that show producers subjected her to employment discrimination after she had become pregnant. After some tumultuous litigation, a settlement was finally reached for her case.

Man claims disability and age motivated a wrongful termination

There are justifiable reasons why workers in Colorado may get fired, but basing their terminations on their disabilities is not one of them. A man from another state claims that he suffered a wrongful termination based on his disability and age. He has turned to a federal court to right the injustices against him.

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