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Man claims disability and age motivated a wrongful termination

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2016 | Wrongful Termination

There are justifiable reasons why workers in Colorado may get fired, but basing their terminations on their disabilities is not one of them. A man from another state claims that he suffered a wrongful termination based on his disability and age. He has turned to a federal court to right the injustices against him.

The plaintiff alleges that during his 18 years with his company he did not receive any disciplinary actions and performed his job well. He claims that he began to suffer from  adverse medical conditions that would cause him to occasionally take time off of work, so that he could go to his medical appointments. One of the agents of the company approached the plaintiff and wanted to know if he was aware of how much his employer was paying for his health insurance.

The then 61-year-old man received a letter from his employer stating that he was no longer needed because of the decline of the economy. Although the plaintiff claims that he had more experience and time with the company than anyone else, he was the only person who was fired that day. He maintains that there is a high likelihood that his age, disability and insurance coverage costs may have played a part in his firing.

The man alleges that, because of his former employer’s actions, he has suffered mental distress and economic hardship. Colorado workers who believe they are the victims of a wrongful termination may choose to file claims against their employers. Successfully presented claims often result in monetary awards for damages sustained and can even result in reinstatements to prior positions in appropriate circumstances.

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