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County being sued for age discrimination

Whenever someone applies for a job, there is a reasonable expectation that they will either meet the criteria or have a chance to be hired -- or not meet the necessary criteria and be passed up for the position in favor of a more qualified candidate. However, there are times when someone may be passed up for an employment position based on being regarded as too old, even if they are more than physically capable of doing the job. Anyone in Colorado who believes their age may have played a role in being passed up for a job or promotion may want to follow a recent case where a county is being sued for age discrimination.

Teacher fired for reporting abuse, alleges wrongful termination

There are very strict rules and regulations when it comes to how those who work with children are to report abuse of any kind. However, there may also be a hierarchy or process in place for individual schools and school districts for reporting alleged incidents. Despite any rules for reporting abuse, any Colorado teacher who feels they were the victim of wrongful termination due to reporting anything may want to follow the story of one teacher's legal claims.

Odd case of employment discrimination garners attention

Discrimination can come in many different forms and exhibit itself in a variety of ways. However, when it comes to cases of employment discrimination, there are certain legally protected classes of people who can file a discrimination suit under the certain circumstances. Colorado workers may be aware of a recent case that is garnering attention because it is essentially an atypical case of discrimination.

Television anchor settles age discrimination suit

Some lines of work, like being a television news anchor, require a certain persona and certain abilities. However, as anchors grow older or suffer some sort of physical disability, their work may be viewed differently. For one television anchor, he claims age discrimination and the fact that he suffered a stroke led to his demotion and relief of duties. Anyone in Colorado who works in the public eye may want to follow the anchors plight.

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