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Odd case of employment discrimination garners attention

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2013 | Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination can come in many different forms and exhibit itself in a variety of ways. However, when it comes to cases of employment discrimination, there are certain legally protected classes of people who can file a discrimination suit under the certain circumstances. Colorado workers may be aware of a recent case that is garnering attention because it is essentially an atypical case of discrimination.

The case revolves around the female co-CEO of Archie’s Comics and the charges made against her. According to a suit filed in court, five employees have come forward with allegations of gender discrimination. However, she is calling for the suit to be dismissed on the premise that the men filing are white and not technically part of a protected group under the law.

The men involved claim the female boss called them a sexually explicit name rather than by their actual names. She disputes other claims of stalking that they have also made against her. Others have called her mental stability into question and have specific examples of behavior they deemed as threatening, such as allegedly bringing members of the Hell’s Angels into the office to intimidate them. She disputes these claims also.

This case of employment discrimination may prove to be much more complicated than simply a he-said-she-said scenario due to the protected class issue at hand. Any kind of discrimination case can present challenging problems in garnering the necessary evidence to establish liability in court. However, anyone in Colorado who believes discrimination has played a role in the workplace in any way may benefit from understanding the specifics of the law.

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