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Overcoming the challenges of age discrimination

Employment is an integral part of the lives of many individuals in Colorado and across the country. Although there may be an overwhelming variety of fields available, a person might have a specific area in mind in which to pursue a position. Unfortunately, some individuals may be denied employment, or even receive unfair treatment at work, especially with regard to age discrimination.

Pay inequality is a form of employment discrimination

Working is necessary to live. However, sometimes it is hard to go to work day in and day out when one feels his or her efforts are underappreciated or that his or her time is less valuable than someone else's. Unfortunately, pay inequality is a real concern in Colorado and elsewhere, and it is a form of employment discrimination.

Colorado employment contract: Arbitration agreements

Before signing one's life away to a new employer, taking time to read in full what one is signing is really a must. A lot of information is included in an employment contract. Colorado residents who are not careful could end up signing away their rights to pursue legal actions against their employers.

Was my firing a wrongful termination?

Whether one is employed in Colorado or elsewhere, losing a job can deal a significant blow both emotionally and financially. When it happens, it is normal to question if the firing can be considered a wrongful termination. The truth is, there are plenty of firings that take place that are perfectly legal. There are, however, certain situations that could warrant legal action.

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