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Colorado policeman suffers discrimination

There are some jobs that require a polygraph test in order to be hired, promoted or retained. There are also rules of conduct about what is deemed relevant or even legal to ask during a work-related polygraph. One Colorado State Police captain contends that his polygraph test and answers essentially led to discrimination.

Hospital employee claims age discrimination

When it comes to retiring from a position at any place of employment, there may be certain procedures in place. Management may all decide together on a timeline and the quest to find a replacement may begin before the retiree actually leaves the job. Colorado employees near retirement may want to follow the story of a hospital employee who is claiming age discrimination after he decided not to retire.

Colorado joins debate about employment discrimination

Ever since there have been anti-discrimination laws on the books, there have been countless debates and legal wrangling as to what constitutes employment discrimination. Each state has seen many different cases involving employment discrimination and has had to narrow down what is acceptable and what is not. Recently, Colorado, along with several other states, has joined the legal debate about whether or not conducting criminal background checks on potential employees constitutes discrimination.

School employees sue district for wrongful termination

Any time a school official is aware of an allegation of abuse by a teacher or other school personnel, they are legally obligated to report it to the proper authorities. When those actions are not taken or an official tries to cover up a report of abuse, there may be legal consequences involved. Colorado school employees and district personnel may want to follow a recent story of a wrongful termination suit filed by school employees who say they lost their job because they knew a district official tried to cover up a claim of abuse.

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