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Employees often benefit from help with severance agreements

When employers and employees work out the details of employment contracts, discussing the possibility of severance packages or severance agreements is often part of that process. For Colorado employees and employers, the details can be a vital part of the process of beginning employment, as well as ending employment with a company. Even when there are trusted relationships involved, it is vital to have legal support and advice when dealing with severance agreements. 

Executive claims retaliation and discrimination by company

If a person works for a corporation and an incident he or she deems to be discriminatory occurs, there are typically established procedures for reporting that incident or behavior. In fact, all major corporations in Colorado and elsewhere have procedures in place to handle claims of discrimination. Despite these policies, one woman is suing a corporation based on her contention that she suffered retaliation for complaining about discriminatory behavior.

Employment discrimination cases can be complex

Feeling as if you have been discriminated against and proving discrimination in court may be two very different things. Despite the difficulties that may surround a discrimination suit, employment discrimination is a very real thing and victims should be aware of their rights. In Colorado, there are very clear laws governing employment discrimination. 

Teacher alleges age discrimination and sues school

Whenever a person leaves a job or is let go and feels that discrimination played a role in why he or she no longer has that job, that person has legal options of which he or she may not be aware. There are also various forms of workplace discrimination that may unfold and be difficult to prove under certain conditions. Any teachers in Colorado or elsewhere who may feel that age discrimination played a role in why they may no longer have a job may want to learn more about the story of one teacher and her claims of age discrimination.

A Colorado worker has the right to file a wage and hour claim

Anyone who takes a job expects to be clearly told what the compensation will be. If there is any deviation from what a worker is told he or she will earn, or could potentially earn, through overtime or bonuses and what that worker actually ends up getting paid, there may be grounds for a wage and hour claim. Any Colorado worker concerned with how his or her pay is being handled may want to learn more about how a wage and hour claim works.

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