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Executive claims retaliation and discrimination by company

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

If a person works for a corporation and an incident he or she deems to be discriminatory occurs, there are typically established procedures for reporting that incident or behavior. In fact, all major corporations in Colorado and elsewhere have procedures in place to handle claims of discrimination. Despite these policies, one woman is suing a corporation based on her contention that she suffered retaliation for complaining about discriminatory behavior.

The woman worked for Mattel for over a decade. She claims vulgar language was used toward her, and a male supervisor made derogatory remarks about women. She claims the same supervisor also expressed his preference for giving jobs to men.

During her years with the company, the woman says she received praise and pay raises. After she complained about the treatment of women at the company, she was fired. She applied for other positions at the company and contends that she wasn’t rehired because she was a woman. She is seeking monetary damages from the company.

Cases of retaliation and gender discrimination can be difficult — though far from impossible — to prove, and there must be more than a hunch to go on. In some cases in Colorado, emails or witness statements may help a plaintiff prove discrimination of some form was at play in the workplace. While cases of retaliation may be difficult, it is important for any employee who feels retaliation has occurred to seek clarification of the applicable laws and also explore what legal action may be warranted under all of the relevant facts and circumstances.

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